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Welcome to our quiz page


Come and join us this Thursday evening for something a bit different !

At our quiz night we try to liven up what has sadly in the case of most other pub quizzes become something of a tired old format that entertains no one. We have always based our quiz on involvement and fun to keep participants fully entertained throughout. Our quiz is definitely not one for the super serious woolly jumper brigade armed to the teeth with full and intimate knowledge of quantum physics OH NO !!, it's more for the fun lively type who has actually got some friends that enjoy a bit of not so serious fun in a relaxed informal atmosphere.

Please note that we do not allow the use of mobile phones.

 Our quiz is designed to test your knowledge, not your ability to use your phone !!   


 Here are some of our regular quizzers


  The Quiz is hosted by our DJ Chris Smith of "" who presents a great evening's entertainment.

We kick off at 8.00pm with Chris welcoming you all to the quiz and filling you in with the format of the evening,

he then plays music from the past and challenges you to try to identify the group or artist, the first one up with the correct answer gets a prize,

but be warned Chris has got a vast music collection that will test the most knowledgeable Doctor Pops amongst you.

Then the "SERIOUS"? Stuff begins with the first round of questions. The evening continues with such items as :


Lucky numbers bonus round

Bits' pieces

Half time request jukebox


With a weekly cash jackpot of £100


The quiz at the Raven run by Chris  has been running for over 26 years

making this easily the longest running quiz in the Midlands.

It's still as popular as ever, so why not come along with your friends this Thursday to see what it's all about.


Don't forget to bring a pen and your sense of humour.

We look forward to welcoming you to the quiz !  

Please feel free to email us with any questions/comments just click on our email address below.


Here's a photo of the current

Raven champion quiz team

Here is the

Raven Quiz Team

 League table 2018

Below we have divided the Quizzing year into 3 lots of 4 month "Terms"

The team with the most wins in each term will win that term.

note that any last place "Dummy" wins will cause the loss of one win from your terms score

The Raven Quiz Hall of Fame

Best team of the year 

Year Photo

This year so far

Term 1 Winners

January to May

Term 2 Winners

May to September

Term 3 Winners

September to January


The current " Term " league table

Team photo

Number of Quiz wins

 since 4th January 2018


Number of last place

Dummy wins 

since 4th January 2018



Here is our newest quiz team




Here is This Week's Quiz Homework Question

This question will be asked as part of the quiz

and remember if you answer it correctly on the night .. it's worth

5 bonus points !

See it really does pay to do your homework after all




The Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet smashed into which planet in July 1994?









Don't forget we are giving the first quizzer who


orders a meal after 5pm and then takes part in our Thursday quiz




 so being an early bird could win you 100 !


See you all for more fun next Thursday


Do you fancy taking a turn out front

 co-presenting our fabulous Quiz Night ?

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( please note that this only applies to any of your regular quizzers)






Some of our other great teams who have yet to make it on to

The winners platform this term








Take a look at this




Any regular  team who can bring along at least 3 new quizzers

 ( who have never been to the Raven Quiz before )

will get FREE entry for their guests

 and the team that they are joining !!


Never let it be said that our quizzers are completely talent less

( unlike the presenters ) and just to prove it take a look at

Chris Bowen's website

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